The Lovebird's Throat

by Clara Engel



released July 17, 2012

Recorded on March 14th 2012 at Bang A Song Studios, in Gloucester MA, engineered by Tony Goddess.
Overdubs recorded at The Slaughterhouse Studio, in Toronto, engineered by Mitchell Girio.

Mixed by Mitchell Girio and Tony Goddess.

All songs written and performed by Clara Engel

Clara Engel: Voice, Guitar, Pump Organ, Banjitar, Synthesizer, Piano.
Nate Greenslit: Drums and Percussion
Valerie Kuehne: Cello

Cover Image by Ebrahel Lurci

Photographs by Clara Engel


all rights reserved



Clara Engel Toronto, Ontario

Minimalist holy blues / folk noir.

Singer, guitarist, songwriter, improviser, artist based in TO.
Non-binary (they/them)


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Track Name: Not Knowing
whenever you arrive, telephone me, please
so I know that you're alright
it really worries me
the not knowing
the not knowing

I'll lend you my clothes, my flashlight
I'll send you anything you need
nothing feels like home or feels right
but I'm learning how to come clean
with not knowing
with not knowing

the swollen river could rise
fire could flare through these trees
you left me here to survive
you left me here to make peace
with not knowing
with not knowing
Track Name: Song to the Sea Witch (Disembody My Voice)
a bead of light longs to nest in the tiniest branch of my lung
like a bee longs to light a golden infection under the sun
a loom of buzzing light
weaves a dark maze
radiant, when ripped apart
under the stars

a crimson bird is crying in the bracken of my nerves
a bell cuts the blue air in ribbons
where does it hurt?
a silver berry is pierced
a stream of light hisses forth
from its porous core

I found you swimming in my blood
I will deliver you from this world
pierce the dancing flame
right through the heart

disembody my voice
let the rivers fly up to the stars
I'll never look back
and I'll never look down
Track Name: Married to the Bone
we are married to the bone
sunrise, the sweetest palindrome
and my terrifying weakness
doesn't turn you on

we are married to the bone
parts of pleasure come undone
on the forks of lovers' tongues
I'd rather howl at the moon

we are married to the bone
so fuck it, lets get happy, love
if we're married to the bone

little ragged robin
teach me how to love
the way you sing away the day
the way you sing the day away
Track Name: Lovebirds
to collapse in the fire isn't worth the pain
she'll come and put me together again
every time I cut off your head
you grow another

lovebirds mauled your hand
when you reached into their cage
tell me, what have you learned?
the same fire fuels love and rage
or some other sad cliche

bloody roots of a flowering sky
you can fry my third eye
with your fingers of flame
touch me, and dissolve my mind
blue cascade of sound
a simple bell
the sea's singing bones
your bloodied hand rests still
upon the lovebird's throat

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